Image provided by Delta Air Lines

Delta × LSTN

A Partnership with the World's Largest Airline

Delta Air Lines partnered with LSTN to create a line of noise-canceling headphones for all Delta One flights, aiming to bring in a luxury brand committed to making the world a better place and setting apart their in-flight offering when compared to other carriers.


As a part of this partnership, Delta sponsored a mission to the first place LSTN went with Starkey: Peru. We were able to help thousands of people receive hearing aids as a direct result of this partnership.

In-Flight Headphones

I led the design process to bring an adapted version of LSTN's flagship design up to the rigorous standards required by Delta. The LSTN In-Flight model was featured on Delta One transcontinental flights from 2017 through 2019.

As part of this collaboration LSTN also produced limited edition versions of their flagship headphones, and hosted pop-up events in Delta Sky Clubs around the USA to promote the partnership and their headphones.

During this partnership we also created a special line of matte black Troubadour headphones to be sent to Delta Air Line's elite "360" passengers. The scratch-resistant matte black aluminum headband helps give these headphones a more subtle look than the standard Troubadour, while plush vegan leather gives comfort on even the longest flights.