Let's Get Lifted

Sofia Vergara said this packaging is beautiful so, I've got that going for me

Nue's founder came to me with some rough sketches of her ideas, including a logo that she had designed herself. Immediately I knew that would be a great part of her story, and made sure to keep it as close to her original idea as possible. With a rounded, matching 'N' and 'U', it creates a great feeling of symmetry while also speaking to Nue's main product — breast tape made in all shades, for women of all colors.


I wanted to create packaging that had a timeless feel, lighthearted messaging, and standout shelf appeal. Whether seen online or in stores, it had to catch the customer's eye and hold their interest. Using the shade of the product was a natural choice, helping to reinforce Nue's message of inclusivity and availability for all women.

Collateral items are meant to reinforce the feel of the packaging and carry through the main design elements. A favorite of mine is the packing tape, with a minimal feel that makes a great first impression.

I had a lot of fun with these phrases on the side of the packaging, and they are intended to be rotated seasonally to reward repeat customers and create additional interest in the product.

Alternate formats were explored to better suit different kinds of item, shipping costs, and the interest of repeat customers. Our solution proved easily adaptable to any format, and was able to keep the look consistent and on-brand across many material and construction options.


Nue's website continues the theme of accessibility, inclusiveness, and a clean, timeless aesthetic. With attention-grabbing headlines and stunning photography, it is a great place to spend some time.

Nue's web and lifestyle photography was performed by the incredibly talented Liz Bretz, Creative Director at Moon Seven Collective

The Brand Nue is built on Shopify with a custom theme.

What I Did:

Graphic Design: Print Collateral, Product Labels, Typography, Design Mockups, Illustration, Branding
Packaging: Design, Dieline Creation, Packaging Renders
Branding: Logo Design, Typography, Print Collateral, Illustration
UI/UX: Liquid code, Shopify, Design, Development

Software Used:

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, Shopify, Dimension, Blender