Packaging for Mazz Hanna's first 3 CBD-and-crystal infused beauty products

Mazz Hanna Wellness

Branding, Web Design and Packaging for a CBD and Crystal Infused Beauty Line.

Mazz Hanna is one of the hardest-working people I've ever met, and I was elated when she asked me to design the brand identity for her latest project.

I handled the packaging and product identity, website design, and general branding for Mazz Hanna. I also took the product photos for their launch and for new product releases.

The client's only request was that I make no changes to their existing logo. I was able to use elements from that logo to tie their designs together and create a unified brand identity.


One of the main objectives for the packaging was to stand out in a 'shelfie' when compared with other brands.
With both CBD and non-CBD products we needed a way to quickly differentiate the two. I used a geometric pattern and pastel color scheme for anything with CBD, creating a immediately recognizable difference with the ultra-minimal "clean" products.


I designed the full site experience for Mazz's launch website, with significant design and code work and stakeholder buy-in.


"I chose Citrine Yellow for my business card color because that's my personality: refreshing, uplifting, and effervescent."

— A Mazz Hanna employee, probably

What I Did:

Web Design:
Front-End (Shopify), Email templates (Mailchimp)
Graphic Design:
Packaging, Collateral, Product Labeling, Typography
Product Photography

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